Adding Futuristic Value To The World of Finance

EST 2018.

Key Currency M-Coin

Monetium Exchange Blockchain

The Monetium Exchange possesses a similar context to the role of existing banks, but much better, faster, and cheaper.

-Main Point-

Due to the stability of its price and volatility, M-Coin has the advantage of handling fees such as payment and remittance with such convenience.

Commission Discount And Future Dividend Payment To Users

Various Marketing Strategies Ranging From Rewards To User Activity

Very Fast Transactions


Assets / Safety

Systematic Dividends

Integrated Solutions

Monetium Exchange Blockchain Operation Strategies

Target Market

- For Domestic Residents And Foreign Customers In The Philippines


- Cryptocurrency Trading, Overseas Remittance Service, E-Wallet, E-Card Issuance, SNS Community, Various Payment Services, P2p Service, And Financial Service

Service Strategie

- Service Linkage With Philippines Bank, Telecom Company, Card Company, Etc.
- Services Through Partnership With Overseas Exchanges


- Full Support From The Philippines Government
- Organic Administration Support Of Relevant Ministries
- Quick Partnership With Local Banks, Telecom, Card, Shopping Mall, ATM Company, Etc.

Financial Platform Encompassing The Financial Hubs = MONETIUM


Established By Republic Act Number 7922


Geographically Located Within Very Accessible Flight Distance From Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China, And Manila

Geographic environment

54,000 Hectares Within The Economic Zone


Driving Infrastructure And Regulatory Framework To Spur Business Growth In Fintech, Including Virtual Currency, Integrated Resorts/Gaming, Industries/Tourism, And Health Care.

List of OVCE licensees provided by CEZA on June 17.

On June 17, CEZA revealed that 37 companies are currently licensed under its “Financial Technology Solutions and Offshore Virtual Currency Exchange (OVCE) Business Rules and Regulations of 2018.” There are two types of licenses.

License Acquisition

CEZA Cryptocurrency Exchange MONETIUM (14-02) APPROVED. The 13 Regular licensees are Cezex Trading, Unicorn Venture Investment, Eplata Pacific, A&C Fintech, Zipmex, Bird Mouse, Ecoflow, Adax Tech, Monetium, Bitpoint Apec Investment, Hxl (HK) Technology, Noah Ark Technologies, and Wtia.

Why Philippines?

The centrepiece of CEZA

Philippine largest bank The centrepiece of CEZA’s development is the establishment of the Crypto Valley of Asia (CVA), which is expected to catapult the economic zone into a technological garden for the world’s next wave of groundbreaking financial technology innovations.

In partnership with global industry leaders, CEZA will be the first economic zone in Asia to regulate, license and propagate offshore financial technology solutions for companies and offshore virtual currency exchanges.


Philippines Union Bank Releases Cryptocurrency ATM

It will be easy to cash out cryptocurrency for the general public, and it is expected that there will be great progress in the popularization and mainstream integration of cryptocurrency in the Philippines. In the bank’s continued quest to cater to the evolving needs and tastes of customers, including clients who use virtual currency, the ATM will provide these clients an alternative channel to convert their pesos to virtual currency and vice versa

Credit Card

CEZA Zone Specialty Cryptocurrency ATM, card Union Bank, one of the largest banks in the Philippines, introduced Bitcoin ATMs and cards.

World’s first cash access of all coins. Accounts can be created through Union Bank, and deposit / withdrawal are freely possible.